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Mobile Driver

The fastest way to achieve real-time visibility is by connecting you directly with your truck driver’s smartphone. The simple and intuitive mobile interface makes it easy to complete shipments from a smartphone. Delivery details and instructions are always up to date, so drivers never miss a stop.
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Track and monitor your drivers closely

The easy-to-use Mobile Driver app puts you in direct contact with your drivers. You will improve the quality of your delivery data with GPS tracking and geofence technology. Moreover, drivers prefer the app to the old way of working.

Every driver has a smartphone, use it to your advantage

Go digital without integrations. The fastest way to achieve real-time visibility is by connecting shippers directly with the truck driver’s smartphone. No external integrations needed, your drivers just need to download our mobile app and you can start sending orders within minutes.

No training required with self-onboarding

Your drivers don’t need training with our self-onboarding workflow. They will receive an email with an order assignment URL. Once they click the link, the self-onboarding will start. After a few minutes your transport orders are sent straight to the driver’s device, enabling full visibility during the delivery processes.

Seamless communication with your drivers

No more calls. Get automatic responses and status updates about order acceptance, loading and unloading, incidents, damages and collection and delivery milestones.

Improve how you measure performance

Guarantee the quality of your delivery data with GPS tracking. Instantly update actual timings with geofencing technology and report on what went wrong with build-in reason code logic.

Solve the sub-contracting dilemma

Forward jobs to business partners and subcontractors. Even if your business partner carries out the job, you can always see the status of the freight and track it.

Drivers love it too!

The process and the app are so intuitive drivers prefer it to the old way of working.