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Customer Success

Increasing your customer satisfaction is inherently part of almost any organization’s corporate goals. With SupplyStack’s Customer Success Solution we align the business case for adopting logistics visibility in your customer service strategy.

Improve your customer satisfaction

Companies are struggling with differentiating the B2B buyer experience and your supply chain shelters an opportunity for customer delight.

Loyalty and trust as a service

It requires more real-time collaboration and delivery reliability to meet today’s customer demands. By pro-actively engaging with your customers about deliveries, you will build a better buying experience. This will ultimately lead to more loyalty and trust.

Share real-time information with your customers

Improve your operational performance by decreasing the number of “Where’s my shipment?” calls and emails. With SupplyStack’s branded customer portals, delays are reported even before the customer asks. By eliminating customer feedback on goods status, you’ll free up 30 to 50% time in customer service.

Never surprised by a late delivery

Strengthen the relationships with your end-customers by anticipating delivery problems and communicating with them before they are impacted. SupplyStack gives you real-time information and constantly updated ETAs of every delivery. Moreover, the system automatically sends you alerts of any predicted delays.