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Shipment Planning & Optimization

With SupplyStack, you’ll save up to 30% on freight spend thanks to dynamic carrier allocation and automated milk run planning

Prevent local maverick buying

With so much time and effort invested in sourcing the right carriers, automated carrier allocation is critical to prevent your operations from selecting the wrong logistics partner. Automated carrier allocation quickly assesses a range of decision criteria and assigns the order to the right carrier.

Save time and money with automated milk run planning

We take your scheduled deliveries for a selected period. Based on predefined criteria we will generate several transportation plans for your planners to choose from. It’s like cherry picking from a menu.

Flexible planning for all

From simple manual consolidation assisted by an intuitive load panel to automated cross-dock logic and HUB splitting. It doesn’t matter what level of planning maturity your organization currently has, our flexible planning module has numerous planning options and rules that help any kind of organization to increase asset utilization and reduce costs.

Create complex multi-leg shipments with ease

SupplyStack enables you to execute complex multi-leg and multi-modal shipments but still ensures 100% visibility across all transport legs and carriers.

Real-time order management

Sometimes in logistics stuff just doesn’t happen according to plan. This usually introduces a lot of manual intervention and waste but with SupplyStack’s flexible order management you can merge, split and transfer orders during execution with ease.


Your benefits with this module

Increase customer satisfaction by giving end-customers more visibility
Lower the operating costs of your warehouse
Measure and improve my delivery performance
Proactively manage litigations and penalties
Improve your transportation and customer service teams’ productivity

Return on investment

Up to 30% reduction in freight spend.


Discover all features of the module Shipment Planning & Organization.

Order creation
Modes: Air, Road, Rail , Ocean Multi-modal
Types: Milkrun, Groupage, Parcel, FTL, LTL
Order Templates
Order Scheduler
Intelligent Address Book
Geocoding / Routing
Parts & Packaging
Complex Multi-leg Orders
Service Level mgmt
Configurable Order Form
Automated order creation
MO Consolidation
Multimodal orders
Sales Orders / Transport Orders (LSP)
Many to Many link (MO-TO)
Merge orders in execution
Split orders in execution
Transfer orders in execution
Extra Stops: Customs, Routing, Roundtrip
Automated Cross-Dock logic & HUB Splitting
2D Binpacking (load builder)
LDM / Volume / Chargeable weight
Route Optimization
Load Optimization
Packing Optimization
Load Planning
Order Capacity Planning


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