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Shipment Execution & Visibility

Shipment execution and visibility aims to make the complexities of order collaboration simple. With advanced communication and real-time alerts, everyone in the supply chain is kept in the loop, all on a single platform.

Easily collaborate with all your partners

Shipment execution aims to make the complexities of order collaboration simple. Work as one with all your external partners and remote teams with advanced communication, document management, powerful permissions and intuitive configuration features.

Reduce logistics operations costs by 30%

Reduce logistics operations costs by eliminating communication loops during freight booking. Use shipment execution to automatically select carriers and send out shipment requests and route data instantly. Collect all confirmation status updates and shipment data centrally and track carrier acceptance.

Change the everyday work of logistics professionals

By creating a digital link between shippers and carriers, the everyday work of logistics professionals is made easier. This way, you’ll achieve smarter, transparent and more cost-effective processes.

Get ahead of problems with event manager

Communication is key to an efficient operation and will impact your bottom line. Shipment visibility encourages your team to step away from emails and phone calls. With advanced communication and real-time alerts, everyone in the supply chain is kept in the loop on a single platform.

Leverage predictive ETAs

You can’t prevent problems if you can’t see them coming. With predictive ETA’s you know where your freight is at any given time, and when it will arrive at its destination and every stopover along the way. All data about possible delays will be available before the event occurs, which allows for a quick ID of problems and resolutions.

Boost customer satisfaction

Stop searching through your inbox to find information about your shipments. SupplyStack enables you to report delays immediately, even before the customer asks. By pro-actively engaging about deliveries you build a better buying experience for your customers and allow them to plan the receipt of goods accordingly.

Improve on-time delivery

Reduce fines for missed appointments and detention fees by proactively rescheduling your deliveries.

Lower your inventory levels

With in-transit visibility on your inbound shipments, you know what’s coming. Therefore, you can lower your inventories levels.

Minimize product loss

Track real-time load temperatures and follow high-value loads anywhere in the world. You’ll receive instant notifications in case of deviations.

Utilize teams more effectively

Eliminate check calls and enable your tracking team to focus on managing exceptions instead of looking for them.


Your benefits with this module

Lower your operational overhead up to 50%.
Increase customer satisfaction by giving end-customers more visibility.
Measure and improve your delivery performance.
Enable better communication.
Proactively manage litigations and penalties.
Improve your transportation and customer service teams’ productivity.
Ensure on-shelf availability of your products.
Improve security of your high-value loads.
Reduce inventory levels.

Return on investment

50% operational overhead costs.
20% freight costs.
10% reduction of inventories.


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