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Dock Scheduler

Dock Scheduler enables you to avoid waiting time at your docks. This way, your warehouse operation can work more efficiently.

Avoid waiting time at your docks

No more waiting time and peak time at your warehouses. With Dock Scheduler, suppliers and carriers can book a time slot for the delivery or pick-up of their shipments. Your logistic operations will run in the most efficient way, trucks arrive in a controlled manner and on-time.

Your warehouse operation can work more efficiently

Dock Scheduler will accelerate processing and load trucks more quickly. You will gain operational visibility with a real-time view of the activity at all sites. Moreover, the module will help you minimize your staff’s overtime spending.

Avoid errors

No more communication errors. With Dock Scheduler, you will eliminate time-consuming phone calls and confusing spreadsheets. Your partners have access to a self-service booking portal where all information is instantly updated and broadcast to all relevant stakeholders.


Your benefits with this module

Eliminate waiting time at your docks
Equalize peak times.
Improve loading and unloading times
Use your team to its optimal capacity

Return on investment

Reduce idle and waiting times up to 40%
Cut your average loading and unloading time by up to 60 minutes
Increase your productivity with more than 20 %


Discover all features of the module Dock Scheduler

User Roles
Schedule Templates
Booking Cut-off Date
Configurable Slots
Booking Confirmation Flow
API Connectivity
CT Connectivity
Dock Restrictions
Alerts & Notifications
Master Data mgmt
Mobile Friendly
WHS View
Claims Mgmt


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