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Data connectivity enables your company and your supply chain to operate as one. Our Data Connectivity module allows you to connect and exchange vital information with internal or external business applications.

Stay connected, every step of the way

With so much time and effort invested in sourcing the right carriers, automated carrier allocation is critical to prevent your operations from selecting the wrong logistics partner. Automated carrier allocation quickly assesses a range of decision criteria and assigns the order to the right carrier.

Connect your partners and business applications with ease

Our integration approach is … . In fact, our customers tell us that the ability to quickly integrate with other systems and onboard their partners was a key factor in their choice for SupplyStack. Get connected and reap the benefits – for you and for your partners – with our unique Integration Hub.

Real-time Transport Management with API’s

Application program interfaces (API) enable faster, more efficient, and more data-driven supply chains and transportation networks. For decades, API’s have transformed industries, acting as the building blocks for the most dynamic, cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications of today. Supply chain is primed to be the next

Get you up and running in no-time.

Integrate external systems without the need for specific IT knowledge. Our flexible integration layer allows you to publish our easy-to-use REST APIs to your partners and get you up and running in no-time.


Your benefits with this module

Significant reduction of your manual data entry effort
Considerable improvement of your data quality
Only one interface required for all your shippers
Data is available immediately in your in-house system
Real-time status message in high quality
Option to use existing systems
Higher service quality for shipping customers


Discover all features of the module Connectivity

100% web-based GUI and architecture
A library of templates for ERP, accounting and EDI that enables you to connect with anyone.
Pre-established connections with LTL carriers.
An ever-growing stable of Web Services/Carrier APIs.
A hub and spoke design that’s infinitely scalable; integrate once and connect everywhere.


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