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Why Supplystack?

We offer you a real-time transport management system that will make your organization ready for Industry 4.0 in just two months’ time.

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Our product

We combine the complexities of Tier 1 TMS providers with the functionality of a full-blown visibility solution. All on a single cloud-based platform at an affordable cost.

Software applications don’t run businesses, people do

The design and usability of our TMS is fundamentally different from anything else on the market. We believe that when the app you use to program your home refrigerator feels more sophisticated and user-friendly than your complex and clunky TMS tool, it's time for a better user experience. After all, software applications don’t run businesses, people do.

Every user, group or division can create, save and share multiple role-based grid views and see the data the way they want to. Every aspect of our user interface is permissionable and can be configured to match the subtleties of your operation. This allows you to make it as complex or lightweight as you want, achieving maximum user experience.

Bringing the SaaS experience to transport management

We allow you to self-configure your TMS. We empower companies to create and make changes to the system, not forcing them to rely on us. This way they can achieve maximum control, speed and freedom from costly support contracts. We’d like to think we bring the SaaS experience to transport management.

A Flexible Data Model

Our Unique Data Model enables a many-to-many relation between material orders, transport orders and sales orders. With this flexible information architecture, we can service and support any kind of logistics operation.

Culture matters

Our founding team is comprised of rising stars in the third-party logistics industry, combined with civil engineers in computer science. We have first-hand experience in numerous software implementations and it’s our mission to bring software delight to logistics professionals.

Our team

With an average age around 33, we are young, dynamic and digital. We approach each customer relationship as a partnership and collaboration. Customer centricity is one of our core values.

Our team is deliberately built to become transportation management innovators. We are backed by venture capital to achieve our vision.


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Solution delivery

Our average implementation time is 2 months.

With our self-configurability options our customers can scale their operation without our assistance. Usually we help them to set up a pilot project and let them scale on their operation on their own. It even goes as far as integrating external systems without the need for specific IT knowledge. Our flexible integration layer allows you to publish our easy-to-use REST APIs to your partners and get you up and running in no-time.

To quote one of our key customers DHL Service Parts: "This was the best software roll-out ever!"

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